Reproductive Health

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Ovulation, the release of ovum for fertilization, is the critical event of each menstrual cycle that allows fertilization to take place during the short period of time in which it is viable. Spermatozoa also have a limited biological life-span and the ease with which they can ascend the female genital tract is largely dependent upon the quality of the mucus secreted by the cervix, which is under hormonal control. Clinical studies have indicated the utility of measuring estrone-3-glucuronide (E1G) and pregnanediol-3a-glucuronide (PDG) in samples of urine to monitor ovarian function in females.

A variety of EIAs have been developed for use in monitoring ovarian function and pregnance status. These EIAs facilitate Non-Invasive Monitoring by use of samples such as urine and fecal extracts.

EIAs & Detection Kits

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Analyte Samples Validated Arbor Assays Catalog No.
Ceruloplasmin Urine K035-H1
Estradiol Urine, Fecal Extracts, TCM K030-H1/H5
Estrone Urine, Fecal Extracts, TCM K031-H1/H5
Estrone-3-Glucuronide (E1G) Urine, Fecal Extracts, TCM K036-H1/H5
Estrone-3-Sulfate (E1S) Urine, Fecal Extracts, Serum/Plasma, TCM K038-H1/H5
Pregnanediol-3-Glucuronide (PDG) Urine, Fecal Extracts, TCM K037-H1/H5
Progesterone Urine, Fecal Extracts, TCM K025-H1/H5
PGFM Urine, Fecal Extracts, Plasma, Serum, TCM K022-H1/H5
Testosterone Urine, Fecal Extracts, TCM K032-H1/H5